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Guarantee: If for any reason you are not happy with anything you've bought from us, simply return it in good condition within 30 days and we will give you a full refund. We would much rather lose a sale than have an unhappy customer!


We've tried to keep things as straightforward as possible, but if you have any questions or comments, please .

Prices and Delivery Costs

Further down this page are pricing details for original photographs and for publications.

You can also use the shopping basket (see below) to check on prices and delivery costs ..

Using the Shopping Basket

To find what your order would cost just browse the site adding the relevant items to your basket, then click 'Show Basket' in the side-menu. You'll see all the costs up-front (before being asked for any personal/payment details!). Your basket contents will saved as a cookie on your computer, so you can also come back to it another day (assuming you haven't deleted the cookie, of course). For help browsing the site, see my choosing your photographs and gallery help pages.

Provisional Orders

Suppose you have put together a possible order, but don't want to finalise it yet - maybe there's something you need to check with us first, for example. We recommend you submit a 'provisional order' to us, so we know what you're interested in, and how to contact you (but we won't 'action' the order until you give the go-ahead). To make a provisional order, go to the checkout page and fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Use the message box to tell us that the order is provisional, and to ask any questions you have.

Delivery Times

We aim to despatch orders within a week. We normally use UK-FirstClass post or AirMail as appropriate. We are dependent on the postal/customs systems, so cannot guarantee delivery times, but AirMail normally takes about four working-days to Europe, and five working-days to major-cities worldwide - much longer in December.


Generally we have good stocks of everything except the larger (size C,D,E) photographs (see my art photographs and choosing your photographs pages for more on this). If your order is urgent, please (preferably by phone) and we will do our best to help.


The website can work in $(USD), £(GBP), or €(EUR). It tries to guess which currency is best for you, or you can tell it which you want to use.

Payment options

You can pay online using our PayPal system (no need to join PayPal just to make a one-off payment) - just go to the Checkout 'Pay Online' section and click the [Buy Now] button to go to PayPal's secure site.

Alternatively, you can pay by UK-cheque (£GBP) - go to the Checkout 'Pay by cheque' section, and follow the instructions given there ...

Sales Tax & Import Duty

UK sales tax (VAT) is not payable on your order, but if you are ordering from outside the UK, you may have to pay sales tax and/or import duty on your order - if in doubt please check with the relevant authorities.

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Original Photographs: Prices, Sizes & Delivery

print size
approx [1]
unmatted matted framed size
b&w sepia b&w sepia b&w sepia


Sizes in      Prices in 

[1] For each photograph, I adjust the shape of the print to suit. The first figure given in the table is normally accurate, but the second varies slightly from print to print. For matted prints this isn't a problem, but if you want a set of prints framed without mat s, you may want them to be the same size. If so, , and I will let you know if this is possible.

[2] I'm afraid I don't normally supply matted or framed photographs above sizeB by mail-order - they are almost impossible to package securely. However, I do provide a factsheet of matting and framing advice to help you get your prints properly matted and framed by your local framer. If you are able to collect, we can supply framed sizeC photographs, or if you wanted us to send a number of sizeC framed photographs, this might be possible -

Delivery (Outside-Europe-AirMail) is $11.00 per order for unframed photos. For framed photographs, please use the shopping basket to find the cost for your proposed order (you don't have to give any personal/payment details first). We aim to just cover our costs on delivery, but frames need a lot of packing and are quite heavy, so are quite expensive to send, especially outside the UK.

Visit my art photos for sale page for more about my original photographs, matting and framing. Or for advice on choosing your photographs, where to hang them, what size you need and so on, please see my choosing your photographs page

A 5x7in 10x8in
B 10x7in 14x11in
C 16x11in 22x18in
[2] [2] $147.00 [2] $160.00 [2] C
D 20x14in 27x22in
[2] [2] [2] [2] D
E 24x34in [2]
[2] [2] [2] [2] E

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Calendars, Cards & Posters: Prices & Delivery

Please click product name in left-hand column for full details and to order ..


    Prices in 

Quantity discounts are available - for details.

Delivery (Outside-Europe-AirMail) is $11.00 per order for desk calendars and posters. For other items, please use the shopping basket to find the cost for your proposed order (no commitment!). We aim to just cover our costs on delivery.

Product Price (each) Description ..
Wall Calendars
Wall Calendars: Cambridge, sepia, A3 (17x11.5"), photo-per-month, cardboard envelope.
Desk Calendars
Desk Calendars: Cambridge, sepia, CD-case-style
Art Posters
Art Posters: London/Cambridge, black&white/sepia, 20x16" (50x40 cm approx).
Greetings Cards
Greetings Cards: Cambridge, black&white/sepia, with envelopes, 18 designs.
Suitable for corporate-cards, christmas-cards, holiday-cards (min order 50)
Cambridge Postcards
Cambridge Postcards: sepia, A6(6x4"), 56 designs (min order 50)
Oxford Postcards
Oxford Postcards: sepia, A6(6x4"), 52 designs (min order 50)