buying original art photos ..

These art photos are genuine original silver-gelatin photographs, hand-printed and finished by me (the photographer!). Each photo is for sale in both sepia and black and white, and you can buy from this site, or from my Cambridge craft stall. Either way, you are buying directly from the photographer, so you benefit from my affordable prices and money-back guarantee, as well as having the satisfaction of dealing directly with the artist !

My buying information page gives full details of sizes and prices of photographs, whilst my choosing art photos page will guide you through the process of choosing the right photographs for your particular space.

original photographic prints ..

Genuine silver-gelatin black and white photographs expected to last a lifetime, each hand-printed by me using traditional darkroom techniques. I use an archival process known as thiocarbamide toning to create sepia toned prints from black and white photographs.

Finally I carefully inspect each photo and do any retouching work required, before matting and framing as required.

my guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with a photo you've bought from me, simply return it in good condition within 30 days and I will give you a full refund or a replacement as you wish. I would much rather lose a sale than have an unhappy customer - I want my work to be enjoyed!

quality of my photos

You can't assess the quality of a photograph from postcard-sized picture on a screen, but you can get some idea by looking at my magnified views, which show parts of the photograph enlarged so you can see the fine detail and grain structure. This degree of magnification is greater than you'd see (without a magnifying glass) on even my largest prints (24x34in).

Magnified views (all 5 of them!) are accessed via the photograph's photopage. The grain varies between different photographs, reflecting the film used, and in sympathy with the subject and mood. Infrared film has a particularly distictive grain pattern, which contributes to the ethereal effect of the film. As you'd expect, the grain structure is magnified on the larger size photographs, and may be quite noticeable when you examine the print at close quarters; however, this is rarely an issue when you stand back to appreciate the photograph as a whole.

Of course, if you go ahead and buy the photographs, and you are not happy with them, you can return them to me for a full refund (see above).

Alternatively, if you're able to visit my craft stall in Cambridge, you can see my photographs for real before buying. Or if more convenient, you can maybe visit us at our house in Cambridge


Under normal conditions, my original sepia-toned or black and white photographs should last at least 50 years - far longer than most colour photographs or reproductions.

delivery times and availability

If we have your photographs in stock, we normally get them sent within a week .. more

The two smaller sizes (sizes A,B in my size table), we mostly have in stock, but for the larger sizes (C,D,E) the range is more limited. If you want a photo which is not in stock, do to discuss whether the photograph can be printed to order, and how long this would take (it can be anything from a week to six months, depending on the size, whether you want it sepia-toned, and my work flow).

You can check what's available from stock using search facilities in the galleries (including the wishlist), or looking at the 'in-stock' list on the photopage.

matting & framing options

All prints are available unmatted (just the bare print). However, the exact dimensions of each print are chosen to suit each particular photograph, so a set of unmatted prints will vary slightly in size. unmatted is the only option for the largest (D,E) size photographs, and generally the best option for size C. I have a special factsheet of matting and framing advice for people buying unmatted photographs, especially in the larger sizes.

For the two smaller sizes (A,B), I generally recommend you have them matted; for modest extra cost, this brings them to a standard size for framing, sets them off nicely, and gives me the opportunity to sign and caption the mat. These sizes are also available framed, but delivery is expensive on frames, especially outside the UK. We can also frame size C photographs, but generally only if you can collect or want several frames - packing them safely is very difficult ..


I mat the photos in bevelled window mats using Conservation board. To see what your chosen photograph looks like matted, visit its photopage, and click the links at the right. I normally caption and sign the mat as shown, but can leave it blank or use a special caption if you prefer. I usually prefer black mats for black&white prints and dark brown for sepia toned photographs, or I can do either in a soft-white, lightly textured board. For a closer look at the different mats, see the pictures below (click to enlarge).

black and white - matblack sepia - matbrown white - matsoft white


My frames are made by a local craftsman. Our choice of mouldings is influenced by concerns for the rainforests. We are currently experimenting with several different mouldings, so please to see what we have currently available.

mark of authenticity ..

print stamp

As a mark of authenticity, I stamp, date and sign the back of each print; also I sign and caption the front of the mat and sign the back of the frame.