photography cards ...

Featuring superb reproductions from my black and white photography portfolio, these are high quality folding cards printed in rich sepia and in warm duotone black and white (see pictures below).

Cards are blank inside, and are for sale with envelopes, flat but scored for ease of folding; or they may be bagged for retail sale.

ordering information

Prices are £0.55 (GBP), $0.74 (USD), or €0.62 (EUR). To find the delivery cost, just add the cards to your shopping basket (no commitment!).

Our minimum order is 50 cards of the same design, with discounts for quantities over 150 cards - please .

Samples available on request.

cards for corporate use - overprinting ...

Supplying the cards flat gives you the option of having your own message printed inside, making them ideal for corporate use. The blank cards are for sale from us if you want to get them overprinted yourself. Or if you prefer we can arrange to get them overprinted for you - please to discuss options and prices.

cards for retail sale

We can also supply cards bagged individually or in sets for retail sale - .

Black and White Photography Cards of Cambridge

Not strictly black and white, but printed as a duotone, giving warm rich vibrant tones.
Ideal Christmas or holiday cards - personal or corporate.
Size 13x18 cm approx.

Photos © Derek Langley. Click to enlarge.

The Backs (gd411) 

King's College (gd410) 

King's College (gd309) 

Darwin College (gd3) 

King's College (gd117) 

Sepia Photography Cards of Cambridge

These cards are printed as a tritone in rich brown and gold sepia tones.
Size 13x18 cm approx.

Photos © Derek Langley. Click to enlarge.

King's College (gs376) 

St John's College (gs398) 

Trinity College (gs104) 

King's College (gs403) 

Clare Bridge (gs269) 

Mathematical Bridge, Queens' College (gs109) 

Jesus College (gs115) 

Bridge of Sighs, St John's College (gs235) 

Punts on the River Cam (gs318) 

Rowers on the River Cam (gs345)