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Buying black&white/sepia photographs ..

To add a photograph to the shopping basket, please visit the relevant photo-page, reached by clicking the photo in one of the galleries (accessed via B&W Galleries at the top of the menubar to the left of this page). If you have been clicking the little "tick-boxes" by the photos, they will have been added to your wishlist gallery, from where you can easily add them to your shopping basket (see below for more on the wishlist).

Using the Wishlist ..

Use the wishlist to create a "shortlist" of photographs. In photo-galleries and on photo-pages, there is a small box next to each photo. Just click this box - a tick will appear showing the photo is in wishlist. Add as many photos as you like - you can easily remove them later by clicking the tick-box again. Visit the wishlist gallery to review the photos you've shortlisted - from here, you can click on the photos to bring up their photo-pages. The wishlist will be maintained as a cookie on your computer (if your computer allows this), should you want to come back to it later.

Using the Photo-page ..

At the photo-page, the photograph is shown much larger, and you can see how it looks matted. The photo can be shown in a separate "floating-window", so you can accummulate images for a number of photographs and compare them, or work out picture arrangements by moving them around on your screen. To order, just click on the "floating-window" to get back to the corresponding photo-page (you may need to enlarge the window to show the whole page).

Choice of GBP (£), USD ($), EUR (€)

You can choose which currency to use when you add the photo to your shopping basket, and again in the shopping basket page; You can also choose to have photo-sizes shown in cm or inches.

Buying Colour Photographs

These are not currently handled by our shopping basket system, so please

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