How I made these photos

Using a circular fisheye lens with a 180° view, I captured photos looking in different directions so as to include everything visible from a particular point in space.

These photos I then transformed and fused digitally to create a single integrated photo which not only encompasses a complete 360° sphere of view, but may revisit it several times in different parts of the picture.

Your Feedback

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Why I made these photos

These pictures give a new way of looking at the world, revealing shapes and spacial relationships of which we are not normally aware, and perhaps encouraging us to take a fresh look around us.

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What they are ...

pictures 1,2,3 are of a footbridge, as is picture 6 which gives clues to how the transformations are achieved.

pictures 4,5 are of me and my shadow on a cobbled road.

Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged versions

fisheye image 11

fisheye image 22

fisheye image 33

fisheye image 44

fisheye image 55

fisheye image 66
Photos © Derek Langley

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