Oxford photography postcards - sepia (A6 - 14.8x10.5cm)

Price: £ 0.20 (GBP), $ 0.27 (USD), or € 0.23 (EUR)

These sepia tone postcards are for sale in many shops around Oxford whom we supply wholesale. You can also buy them from this website, but the minimum order is 50 postcards which must all be of the same design. The good news is that the price is far less than the retail price! To find the delivery cost, just add the cards to your shopping basket (no commitment!). Note that we currently only do postcards in sepia, not in black and white.

Please also see my Black&white Photography Galleries of 400+ photographs. You can buy these photographs as original sepia and black and white photographs - see my original photos for sale and buying information pages.

All photos © Derek Langley. Click to enlarge.

All Souls (ps3009) 

Balliol (ps3025) 

Brasenose 1 (ps3032) 

Brasenose 2 (ps3033) 

Christ Church 1 (ps3021) 

Christ Church 2 (ps3022) 

Christ Church 3 (ps3026) 

Christ Church 4 (ps3017) 

Christ Church 5 (ps3018) 

Christ Church 6 (ps3019) 

Christ Church 7 (ps3020) 

Corpus Christi (ps3001) 

Exeter (ps3038) 

Hertford 1 (ps3002) 

Hertford 2 (ps3045) 

Jesus (ps3037) 

Keble (ps3046) 

Magdalen 1 (ps3065) 

Magdalen 2 (ps3063) 

Magdalen 3 (ps3064) 

Magdalen 4 (ps3066) 

Magdalen 5 (ps3061) 

Magdalen 6 (ps3067) 

Merton 1 (ps3058) 

Merton 2 (ps3059) 

New 1 (ps3014) 

New 2 (ps3016) 

St John's (ps3012) 

Trinity (ps3050) 

Worcester (ps3027) 

Bodleian Library (ps3079) 

Clarendon B (ps3076) 

Emperors' Heads (ps3074) 

Exam. Schools (ps3084) 

Grotesques 1 (ps3031) 

Grotesques 2 (ps3013) 

Grotesques 3 (ps3011) 

Martyrs' Mem (ps3085) 

Old Sch Quad (ps3080) 

Radcliffe Cam 1 (ps3003) 

Radcliffe Cam 2 (ps3034) 

Rhodes Building (ps3082) 

Sheldonian Th (ps3075) 

St Mary Virgin 1 (ps3005) 

St Mary Virgin 2 (ps3006) 

Merton and CChr (ps3069) 

From St Mary V (ps3068) 

From South Park (ps3070) 

Magdalen Bridge (ps3007) 

Punts (ps3073) 

Rowers 1 (ps3071) 

Rowers 2 (ps3072)