Please ask before using my photographs ..

My photographs are copyright. so you must to get my permission before using or copying them.

Commercial use

I can supply digital scans at resolutions up to 3000x4000px, or a scan-print (returnable) if you prefer. Generally I can supply images within a day or so. I aim to charge fees in-line with industry norms. To give you a fair quote, I need to know:

  • How will the photo(s) be used? (just as the straight image, or as a background, or whatever)
  • Where the photo(s) will appear?(inside, front-cover, back-cover)
  • How big will the photo(s) be reproduced?
  • How else might the image be used? (eg for promotional materials featuring the item?)
  • What is the print-run and distribution?

I normally expect a byline ('Image © Derek Langley 2007 /' or similar) and a copy of the finished product for my files.

Commercial use - supplying digital images

When it comes to supplying digital images, I will need to know :

  • What pixel resolution you need
  • whether you want sepia or b/w
  • Id-numbers for the required photos
  • Email address to send to

Personal/Non-commercial use - website/blog

For personal/non-commercial blogs and websites, I generally allow unpaid use of my photos in return for a link to my website.

Please with details of your website/blog and how/where my photos will be used. I will then email back giving permission and explaining how to use the photos (simply linking to them will not work). I do of course reserve the right to refuse permission for inappropriate use.

The link to my website normally goes directly below the image and looks like: black/white photography © Derek Langley 2007.

To add the link, please paste the following HTML into your page below the image ..

<a href="" title="click for photography website">black/white photography © Derek Langley 2007</a>

Personal/non-commercial use - printed matter

I offer a reduced fee for non-commercial use.

Otherwise, as for commercial use (see left column) ..