My personal history ..

I was born in 1955, and have been passionate about making photographs, and especially black and white photographs, since the age of about twelve when I first printed my own photographs.

Early on I decided that photography would lose its magic if done professionally, so I opted for a degree in Theoretical Physics, moved to Cambridge and worked in computing for some fifteen years, keeping photography as a hobby.

Towards the end of this period, I drifted into selling my black and white photographs, to the extent that some ten years ago, I gave up the computing to focus on photography.

Since 1998 my wife Jenny has joined the business, and she is now in charge of the publishing (books and cards) side of things.

If you'd like to know more my background and inspirations, please read the introduction to my book 'Cambridge Mists'.

My photographs ...

For more techical information, visit my page of photography tips which explains how I create my photographs, and details what equipment and materials I use and why.

About the name Darkness & Light ..

The name Darkness & Light, which I chose for my work, seems peculiarly apt in a number of different ways.

On a material level, it is kind of a synonym for black and white, as well as carrying echoes of the photographic process, which depends on darkness and light in both the camera and the darkroom.

But I also like it because it has the mysterious, spiritual quality I strive for in my photographs. The image of a shaft of light in the darkness is a potent one, resonant of the conflict between hope and despair, in which we all engage at times.

And it fortuitously shares my initials - DL.

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