Tips and sample arrangements

Hanging pictures should be creative, fun ! You need to play at it, experiment.

I've given you a few sample picture hanging arrangements to get you thinking, but please just use them as a starting point and experiment with your own arrangements to suit your space and your personality.

You'll notice that groupings of photos can be much more effective than just hanging a line of pictures at the same height. Each picture grouping can have its own theme or mood, and you can do some in sepia and some in black and white. The irregular groupings have the advantage that the hanging of the pictures is less critical, though care is still needed.

There's no substitute for good old trial and error, so experiment to see what works and what doesn't. Make lifesize mockups of your pictures from paper and tack them in place on your wall; experiment to see how different hanging arrangements look. Or do a scale drawing of your wall, and work in miniature - you can even do this on your computer!

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picture hanging 1picture hanging 1

picture hanging 2 picture hanging 2

picture hanging 3photo hanging 3

picture hanging 4photo hanging 4

picture hanging 5pihoto hanging 5

picture hanging 6photo hanging 6

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