(This is the factsheet we send out with rolled-photographs, explaining how to unpack/repack them)

Before unpacking your photographs, please read this ..

Large unmounted (unmatted) photographs can easily get kinked or bent - please do be careful. Make sure you have a clean flat surface to work on, big enough for the photograph to lie flat on. If possible, have a second person available to help. Try not to touch the front of the photo with bare hands - clean, thin gloves are good. Unpacking is relatively easy, but repacking is much trickier, especially for the D and E sizes.

Unpacking your Photograph

First remove the bubble-wrap from around the cardboard tube (you've probably already done this). Now open one end of the tube - your photograph is inside, surrounded by another layer of bubble-wrap. You may find we've also added a bit of loose bubble-wrap at the end of the tube for further protection - if so, remove this, to reveal the end of the package containing the photograph. Carefully ease out this package by gently tugging the bubble-wrap and tilting the tube - it should come out quite easily. Now carefully remove the tape holding the bubble-wrap in place, and unroll it. Inside is a layer of thin card, with your photograph inside it. Carefully undo the tape holding the card, and allow it, and the photograph inside, to gently unroll. You may find the photograph quite curly when first unpacked, but it will flatten naturally over a day or so, so please don't try to force it.

Repacking your Photograph

Unless you need to put your photograph through the mail, you probably don't need to reuse the bubble-wrap. So the aim is to carefully re-roll the photograph, with its protective sheath of thin card, tape the card to prevent it unrolling, and put it back in the cardboard tube. This really is a two-person job, especially for the D and E sizes.

Before you start "for real", I suggest you practice your rolling technique on the thin card, without the photograph. Also, don't try to roll too tightly as this might damage the photograph - if you find it's too loose to fit in the tube, just let it unroll, and try again a little tighter ..

Begin by laying out the print face up on the table, with the thin cardboard underneath one end, ready to wrap around it. Now one person can gently press this end of the photograph against the table so it can't move, while the other person gently rolls the photograph from the other end (see diagram).

To do the rolling, use both hands, one each side of the print, and gently "walk" your fingers along the top/front of the roll, with your thumbs behind so it can't unroll. Continue until the print is fully rolled, then pick up the far end of the thin card (still flat on the table), and roll this back towards you, so it wraps around the print. Finally get your helper to gently tape up the card so it can't unroll, before putting it safely back in its cardboard tube (making sure it is a loose fit so you can get it out again without damaging it).